R. D. Lumpkin

Mr. Lumpkin's livelihood has included the Military. Law Enforcement, Business and Professional Golf, giving him a unique insight into writing this intense thriller. An avid supporter of the constitution and our military, he resides in South Carolina with his beautiful lady Jeanne and their two poodles Crown and Coach.

About R.D. Lumpkin

Robert D. Lumpkin was born in Lawton, Oklahoma, the son of a WW II and Korean War hero, and is a first generation American. As an infant, his parents moved him and his older brother to Indiana, where he and his family of two brothers and two sisters grew up in farm country.

Mr. Lumpkin was an all star athlete in baseball, golf, track and basketball during high school. Upon graduating from Pittsboro High School, he was drafted into the Army. After graduating from Lear Siegler Institute of Indianapolis with a major in computer programming, he enlisted into the United States Army and was selected to serve in the elite Army Security Agency, where he spent three years in Army Intelligence, holding a Top Secret Cryptographic Security Clearance during the Vietnam War.

Upon discharge, he became a police officer and served the law enforcement profession for five years, the last two and a half years as a patrol supervisor. Mr. Lumpkin furthered his education in law and management, attending the University of Georgia and Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He was decorated for heroism for the: 'Restraint in the use of force-when such force was clearly justified'.

Mr. Lumpkin then began a career in business where he owned several small businesses, before launching his career in the Golf Profession, where he became a certified golf instructor, golf range owner, club builder and fitter, a certified court witness, and played Professional Golf competitively. He has spent the last fifteen years teaching the game of golf.

He began writing golf articles for magazines in 2007, and wrote his first novel, "Patriots Among Us: Never Forget", in March of 2010, which was published by PublishAmerica in June of 2011. He has planned a series of ten Patriot novels, with the sequel, "Patriots Among Us: Beyond Disclosure", expected to be released within the next few months.

On August 17, 2011, Library Tales Publishing Group, out of New York, entered into a contract with Mr. Lumpkin to publish his golf instruction book, which is expected to be released this winter.

Mr. Lumpkin now spends most of his time as an author, but still teaches golf, 'by appointment only', at the Black Bear Golf Club in Longs, SC.

A proud grandfather of six grandchildren: Audrey, Mason, Will, Eli, Henry and Coralee. His two daughters: Sara and Stephanie, and his son-in-law's: Mike and Victor, have an active life as a school teacher, restaurateurs, and classified government work as a computer engineer.

South Carolina has been his home for the past dozen or so years, where he resides with his beautiful lady Jeanne, and their two toy poodles: Crown and Coach.